Monday, 2 August 2010

Pure Glamour

Here are some evening dresses that are glamours and handy for my dear hijabies

Friday, 30 July 2010

Modren Kurdish cloths

Kurdish cloths is made of four key pieces top, hareem trousers, a dress and a waistcoat all have a one thing in common..... glitter!!!! Everything is soooooo shiny.... Here are a few modren dresses that can be used for hijabies......

Ramadan Style

Monday, 24 August 2009

Friday, 21 August 2009

It's time 2 tidy up

We girls love two things; FOOD &SHOPPIN lool, mentioning shopping....... don’t you end up having piles of cloths and a disastrous wardrobe ready to explode in any minute!!!! I bring you the solution
Let’s start with hijabs... being a trendy hijaby = you need every shade of every colour you can lay hands on, even though you defiantly know that you will never ever wear a bright orange hijab but you need to get it just in case!!!!! (I have about 60-70 Hijabs maybe a bit more but defiantly not less loooooool ) well I put the ones I use regularly on a cleaver hanger I got from IKEA it’s like a hanger from the top that hold canvas circles where you can place you scarves (you can place about 10-15 easily) I put the rest in a box on top of the wardrobe.
Now I will number my tips to make them easy to follow

1. Place a number of boxes on top of your wardrobe, mine hold 4 big ones, you can use them for all the t-shirts scarves and jelbabs that you wear once in awhile and see how much space you have saved in your wardrobe!
2. Use drawer dividers, they work miracles especially for accessories and underwear
3. Put you stuff on display, use jewellery holders like the model figures to add a personal touch to your room and show your stuff off
4. Inside your wardrobe’s door, pin the two sides of any old shoe lace and attach all your necklaces on it, they will be very easy to reach + you have done some recycling ;-)
5. If you have a corner in your room that is not of much use place a unique room divider to add colour to your room and place the a couple of antique looking boxes or baskets beside it, this will add an instant update for your room and plenty of storage
6. Under bed drawers are ideal for evening dresses because you can lay them flat in there, but don’t forget to place them in dress covers to avoid dust and stuff
7. For t-shirts, another things we hijabies can’t live without, try rolling them up instead of folding them flat, that’s plenty of space to spare
8. Shoe holders that you can place behind doors or inside the storage are really good and easy to reach, I personally love this canvas pockets shoe holder I got from Argos that comes with stand it’s so tidy and all my shoes are on display..... I love shoes can neva have enough I think am a shoe freak!!!!
9. Placing two rails on top of each other inside the wardrobe doubles the space, no need to further explain!
10. Try the trousers rail from IKEA it fits in a 1m width wardrobes it’s great for dresses, abbyas as well as skirts and trousers

It's time 2 tidy up
It's time 2 tidy up by Hijab princess on

Basic and easy

Basic outfits can turn into very stylish ones by taking a couple of very easy steps...don’t be afraid to experiment with colour as this will make your style very unique.

Basic&easy looks
Basic&easy looks by Hijab princess featuring Miu Miu bags

Purple and orange do not really sound all that but see how I combined them and tell me what you think!!!!
Tip; wear something that combines all the colours in the outfit to make it look co-ordinated and complete, in this outfit the shoes and bracelets combine all the colours and add that magical touch!!!

I am not a big fan of animal prints but using it to accessories can add glamour to a plain trench coat and jeans. Try zebra print accessories they are a must for this season as we are going back to the eighties!!!!
Tip; change the coats belt for an instant update

Thursday, 20 August 2009


salam girls

schools, unis, college is starting soon... so I co-ordinated some funky fashionable + modest outfits to make you standout... the outfits feature the key fashion item of this season long cardigans, boyfriend blazers and hareem pants (am in love with them hehehehee) I do not really stick to colours that are in fashion cause I believe that every colour is fashionable depending on how you wear it an mix and match it.

Tip; to update your last season’s dress or trench coat just add matching bright handbags and shoes + a waist belt in a different colour!!! (Primark is the best for waist belts don’t need to mention their gr8 prices.. sa7)... for bags I love royal blue and dark green they give any old boring outfit the WOW factor, I treat both colours like black...try printed bright bags too or something with a strange logo or slogan for a unique update (that also works with black abbyas or plain jelbab)

Back2School by Hijab princess featuring Old Navy

Back2School by Hijab princess featuring Dorothy Perkins